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Springerle Cookie Molds

Carving an exclusiv mold

Here you become a little impression of carving a springerle cookie mold. Our example is the beekeeper.

Only well seasoned but untreated wood is used. Either linden, pear or cherry wood is traditionally used. For the purpose of making replicas linden wood is being selected.

Linden wood

The drawing of the motive is transferred to the wood. It is mandatory that the artist considers already in the first sketch all requirements from the carver.

Drawing is transferred to the wood

After the drawing has been copied on the wood the actual carving begins. Very special carving tools of high quality are used. Occassionally they must be custom made for the delicate work.

The carver begins

High attention is required to carve letters and numbers mirror inverted and to imagine how the positive of the carved contours will appear later on an impression in dough.

Carving the beekeeper

After the beekeeper has been carved the artist proceeds with creating the plant which is part of the motive. A single mistake can ruin all the previous work!

Carving more details

Another special tool is required to carve all the fine details of the bee hive. No mass produced machined mold can compete against this craftsmanship.

Details of the bee hive

Even buzzing bees are part of this fine handcrafted mold.

The beehive is carved

The delicate border of this mold is another challenge.

The border is the next step of carving

The border is almost completed and luckily no mistakes occurred.

The border is completet.

A special saw is used to cut the mold to the right size.

The mold is cut with saw.

To remove all marks the mold will be carefully sanded.

The mold is sanded.

A final check is done by creating an impression of the molds. Minor corrections can still be done.

A final check.

The mold will be branded with our "Dukasi Logo". This guarantees the quality and authenticity of this handmade mold. Only one wooden mold is produced of each kind.

Branding the Dukasi Logo.

The original wooden mold.

The carving is finished.

An impression of the original mold using dough.

An impression with dough.

The steps of carving a mold are shown in this page. For questions about molds please contact us!

More examples of our wooden molds you can find in the cateorie Cookie molds under Remittance workin our Shop.

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